Qualıty polıcy

11.11.2021 06:40

To increase the prestige and preferability of the University and its members by improving the talents, knowledge, skills, interests and wishes of Muş Alparslan University student candidates, students, graduates and employees, as well as career planning and development competencies in line with the conditions and needs of the University and the country. To contribute to the development of resources potential and performance.

To develop strategies, policies, projects, programs and organizational proposals for career
planning and development with a holistic approach, in line with the vision of maximizing the quality, prestige, preference and loyalty of university students, graduates and employees.

To carry out, coordinate and support educational activities such as courses, certificate programs and publication activities aimed at providing and developing university students, graduates and employees with the necessary competencies in individual career planning, job search, and presenting their professional and personal knowledge.

To provide the necessary career counseling and other services to reveal the individual potentials, personal characteristics, skills, self-values, tendencies and expectations of university students, graduates and employees in order to improve their career planning and development performance, and to ensure that these services are provided.

To plan, organize or support career days and similar events in cooperation and coordination with the units organizing career activities, student clubs, student council and the like.

To support the execution of career development, job and employee recruitment projects and programs by establishing cooperation with relevant private and public institutions and organizations.

To create and operate a Career Development Information Management System for students, graduates, workplaces, jobs and the like, in order to be used in internships and other education and career development activities.

To develop internship opportunities by building a bridge between university and business life and to carry out activities to bring students together with the business environment.


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